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The Real Reasons Why Many Are Stuck Abroad

These are some general reasons why a lot of Nigerians abroad are unlikely to return home:

▪︎Being Estranged from Family

The longer you stay abroad, the easier it is to lose ties with family over time. This is could be for a number of reasons, mainly being that people naturally just grow apart … however, many of us, unfortunately, have a lot of relatives back home who see us as nothing but a means to an end … there are many betrayal stories of people being scammed by called family members and even cases of witchcraft.. lol.

▪︎Inability to Adapt to the Climate Back Home

Living abroad for a lengthy period of time can make you forget how things are back home. So when you eventually go visiting, the first 2 weeks can be fun and exciting… however, by the third week, the Nigerian climate begins to become exhausting. You start to get agitated by the mediocrity and myopic mindsets of the average person around you… the culture (or lack therein) begins to bother you, the heat, the mosquitos, the extortionate fees for internet use, the lack of electricity, the fake forming of almost every young person… it just gets too much.

▪︎Health Reasons

Those with medical conditions are aware that the health sector in Nigeria is in shambles. Thus, they would rather stay in an environment where their medical needs are met.

▪︎ Introvertedness

Life abroad favours the introvert. In Nigeria, people can be loud, there’s not much privacy, people don’t mind their business. This is something that a lot of people abroad cannot adapt to … therefore, they choose to remain abroad.

▪︎ Papers

Some are stuck abroad because of the notoriously known complications of obtaining papers. I don’t need to explain this one further.

▪︎ Children

If you’ve had kids abroad, the thought of moving them back home can be scary as they’ve already been acclimatised to the lifestyle and upbringing here.

▪︎ Commitments

Those who have gotten married built a career and bought houses might find it difficult to up and leave what they have laboured for just to return home to uncertain terrain.

Feel free to add yours.

Adeogun Adewunmi
Adeogun Adewunmi
passionate about travel and all dots surrounding the planning and implementing a great experience.

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