How To Have Your Kids Get An American Passport Without Going To The US

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How To Have Your Kids Get An American Passport Without Going To The US

There is a way you can get a United States citizenship for your child(ren) without stepping a foot in the US.

This way is perfectly legal and is in fact supported by the 14th Amendment of the United States constitution

If you are a parent and can afford it, you would probably like your kids to be born in a developed country with a strong passport like the US

But since the inception of President Donald Trump’s administration, it has become more difficult getting a visa to give birth in the US. And as such, a large percentage of applicants have been denied visas

Well, there is good news. You do not have to give birth in the US before your child(ren) can obtain US citizenship

Just how is this possible?

Many people don’t know this but the US controls and protects a number of tiny countries or territories in Asia/Oceania region.

They are called Political entities or permanent territories of the USA. And people mostly visit these places for vacation

While these territories are outside of the United States geographically, their citizens are also citizens of the US and are bound and protected by US laws to some extent

To travel there you still have to apply for a US visa at a US Embassy but this time, because you are applying to go to US territory…

the visa rules for these places are less stricter and easier. And the approval rate for issuing of visas is far higher compared to that for the US

You can just say you’re going on vacation, then you could go have your child there

Once your child is born in any of these territories (except one), they get automatic USA citizenship.

Which places are these?

Puerto Rico
US Virgin Islands (in the Caribbean)
Northern Marian Islands

There’s another place called American Samoa. A child born there doesn’t get automatic US citizenship but they get American Samoan citizenship which allows them visa-free travel to the USA and opportunity to naturalize later.

So, that is it for how to obtain a US citizenship for your child(ren) without going to the US

There are other great countries which allow Citizenship by birth, and they also have very good benefits

Canada (you can try applying to go give birth there too. It’s a great country, obviously)

Chile (they also have a residency and citizenship option.
Chile gives a citizen visa-free travel to 148 countries.

Panama. If your child is born in Panama, you as a parent together with your spouse can apply to become citizens too after 3 years of residency. As a citizen, you get Visa-free travel to over 130 countries including the UK and France

Barbados. Rihanna ‘s country. The child can apply for special privileges

Europe. All countries in the EU except Cyprus.
Cyprus wants everybody to pay money (their citizenship program us great though

The UK also, but the child must live in the UK consecutively for 10 years.

South Korea. Give birth to your child there. It’s a great passport. Visa-free to 160…

There is another country worth mentioning separately because this country is considered to have…

…the world’s no 1 citizenship by birth program…

as of August 2019

This country is BRAZIL!

Brazil is the most affordable and best place to have your child today.

It’s safe, and your child gets visa-free travel to over 150 countries including the EU, Russia, Asia, Australia, Canada, minus the USA, but that’s easy.

Once you have your child there, you can apply for and be granted immediate permanent Residencies as the parents together with your other children,

You and your spouse as parents can get your own Passports in just one year!

No other country in the world does this

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