Do You Know What Your Suitcase Say About You?

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March 27, 2018
April 3, 2018

Do You Know What Your Suitcase Say About You?

Are you an airport people watcher? You can tell a lot about people by the stuff they carry around. Every suitcase has a story to tell.

Take a minute to look around the luggage hall. What do you see?

Can you pick the:

  • Hoarders from the minimalists?
  • Business travellers from the tourists?
  • Frequent flyers from novices?

Let’s have a little fun. Have light-hearted look around to see what people check in or try to take onboard…

Suitcase Travel Styles

Carry on only

  1. The domain of the experienced frequent flyer and business travellers.
  2. These are people who have figured out how to plan their wardrobe so that they can fit a week’s worth of necessities in a small space. They will zip past the check-in counter with a smart wheelie suitcase in tow.
  3. Carry on connoisseurs know the rules when it comes to suitcase size and weight.
  4. Those who don’t know the rules or don’t want to follow the rules, can be seen haggling with the airline staff at the check-in counter. Some will put on quite a show before handing over their small bag for check-in.

The matching luggage set

  1. A slightly old fashioned concept in world where loads of 20th century dress codes have gone by the wayside in the name of casual dress.
  2. Check to see if they have carefully matched their belt, bag and shoes as well. If the answer is ‘Yes’ this person is a fastidious traveller who wants to be prepared for all occasions.

Big suitcases

  1. This person loves to pack for every possible weather event and occasion that may arise away from home.
  2. Possibly a hoarder who can’t leave home without a substantial selection of shoes, clothes or accessories.
  3. Check the bag tags. This may be a frequent flyer taking advantage of their bonus luggage allowance to go on a shopping spree.

Lots of small bags

  1. Possibly a carry on fail by a last minute packer.
  2. A sneaky attempt to get more on board.
  3. An infrequent traveller making do with the bags they have.
  4. A family on a vacation where mum, dad and each of the kids has to have their own bag. Bags may be strung together and dragged along like a train by mum or dad. Stacked precariously on a trolley or dragged individually by complaining kids.

Brand names

  1. It’s all about the look.
  2. Status is important to these people and they want to look the part.

Plain Black vs Colours and Patterns

  1. Plain black. – De Rigueur for men in business suits.
  2. Plain black with coloured tags and ribbons. – A person who does not want to stand out from the crowd who is worried about their nondescript suitcase being picked up by someone else.
  3. Bright colours and patterns – the luggage of choice for children and the young at heart.
  4. Colours in general – luggage that belongs to women with personality or a gent who’s suitcase was purchased by his wife/mother/female friend.
  5. Camouflage (patterned, dark green, khaki or brown) – most likely belongs to a male backpacker or adventure traveller. (the adventure traveller will have other over size luggage such skis, surfboard, golf clubs).


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