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9 Interesting Facts About Japan

Japan, with a population of roughly 126.8 million as of 2017, is an island nation in the Pacific Ocean with high-rise-filled cities, imperial palaces, mountainous national parks and thousands of shrines and temples and home to some of the best technologies in the world.

Tokyo, the crowded capital, is known for its neon skyscrapers and pop culture. In contrast, Kyoto offers Buddhist temples, Shinto shrines, gardens, and cherry blossoms. Sushi, the national dish, is served everywhere from casual pubs to gourmet restaurants.

Here are some interesting facts about Japan:

1. Japan has over 6,800 islands

You might know that Japan is an island nation, but did you know that there are more than 6800 islands in Japan? The four biggest islands are Honshu, Hokkaido, Kyushu, and Shikoku, which together makes up about 97% of the total land area.

And don’t forget about the paradise islands of Okinawa with its beautiful beaches and tropical climate.

2. Japan has the most vending machines in the world

To every person, there are approximately 23 vending machines. You can buy ANYTHING in a vending machine including, cars, lettuce, underwear, hot ramen and even an egg. You will find them everywhere I swear! Vending machines are a huge part of Japanese culture and to me, that is extremely useful! You never have to talk to another person again, bliss for an introvert like me! lol

3. Japan has the third highest life expectancy in the world

Japanese have the highest life expectancy in the world due to their diet and lifestyle. They are very healthy people and exercise regularly. On average men will live until their 81 years old and women 87 years old. This is causing a crisis in Japan because there’s a lack of childbirth also. Now there are more seniors than children and this is causing a problem for the Japanese economy. Apparently, Japan sells more adult diapers than children’s – how fascinating and problematic at the same time!

4. Has one of the world’s lowest crime rates

Japan is one of the safest countries in the world, so if you worry about crime, you should probably look into moving here. The most common crimes here includes stealing a bicycle or umbrellas left outside the convenience store.

At the metro and trains, you can see locals who take a nap while having their phone in their hand or clearly visible.

It’s also not uncommon to see people walking around with their backpacks and bags open. Another thing, people don’t even lock their homes all the time or their bicycles! That’s how safe it is in Japan.

5. Best Animes

Animated Japanese films and television shows (i.e.: Anime) account for 60% of the world’s animation-based entertainment. So successful is animation in Japan, that there are almost 130 voice-acting schools in the country.

6. Don’t wear your shoes inside

Raised floors help indicate when to take off slippers or shoes. At the entrance to a home in Japan, the floor will usually be raised about 6 inches (15.24 cm) indicating you should take off your shoes and put on slippers. If the house has a tatami mat room, its floor may be raised 1-2 inches (2.54-5.08 cm.) indicating you should take off your slippers.

7. You’re allowed to take naps on the job

Japanese people are working more than any other country in the world and the working days are long. Since a couple of years back, some employers are letting their employees take a power nap at work, to recharge and get more energy. It’s pretty interesting, and overall I would say that power naps are very common in Japan, and you will constantly see people taking power naps on trains.

8. Fruit is the best gift you can give

If you don’t know what to get your host, then gift them fruit they really do appreciate it.

9. They take cleaning seriously

Cleaning is taught in school and is a serious part of Japanese culture. Students and children clean their own school! I have to say on my travels to Japan I thought it was one of the top 3 cleanest countries I have been to. There are even neighborhood (volunteer but mostly compulsory) clean-ups. People are always expected to keep their private houses and their workplace clean!

There’s your big list of interesting facts about Japan.

Adeogun Adewunmi
Adeogun Adewunmi
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