Why Aren’t Nigerians Interested In Russia?

January 26, 2022
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February 18, 2022

Why Aren’t Nigerians Interested In Russia?

Obviously I know a good number of Nigerians are in Russia already. But one thing I’ve realized is that most Nigerians don’t add Russia to their country of preference compared to UK, Canada and Germany.

Some would even prefer to start up with smaller countries like Estonia. I hope you all know Russia is the cheapest European country you could move to.

When I’m on Instagram and I view pages of Africans in Russia, Nigerians are always the least.

Why isn’t anyone talking about Russia, is it because of their low cost of living or currency. Because 1 Russian ruble is 5 naira.

It would cost you just 2.5 million to move to Russia and study compared to a good number of European countries. And don’t come here telling me about racism bullshit, it’s actually safe in Russia lately, watch some YouTube videos and see for yourself.

Housing there is actually very cheap too, I know a girl who pays just a 100 dollars per year for her apartment.

Russia is one country that has the biggest landmass on Earth. So many European countries are small, buying land properties would be expensive and won’t be easy neither. Nigeria is 3 times bigger than UK.

It’s annoying when I see Nigerians on Nairaland who have just 2million naira, when people tell them their money is too small. You only need 4000 US dollars in your account as proof of funds to move to Russia.

I’m not an agent so don’t think I need your money, I got all my information through research on Russian study platforms. Go on Instagram and check out Africans in Russia.

I would stop here, so I don’t talk down on other European countries before the mods come for me.

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