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May 22, 2017
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If you have not been to Dubai before or you have not seen beyond the shores of your country then there is a need to travel. You need to really have flair for travel sincerely speaking that is the easiest means to know and understand the world you live in. I know you desire to travel, of course you do! And know start considering Dubai as your exciting destination.

You probably might be wondering what is so special about Dubai the city plated with gold, follow me gradually as you read on.

World class city

Dubai has really grown into an ultra-modern city with lots of luxury and relaxation; it has also emerged as one of the strongest international business hub. The true nature and beauty of Dubai cannot be compromised because its claims have gone beyond its shores.

One of the Arab nations that draw much of attention when looking forward to give your holiday a nice shape and a good memory is Dubai.

Leverage for transformation

Information has helped to transform Dubai into a platform for various markets and destination for both investment and tourism.  Capitalizing on this strategic position, Dubai’s success can be traceable to its open approach to immigration and foreign investment; its embrace of communications technology; and a respect for the knowledge economy in this 21st century.

Centre of attraction

one of the major factor that makes the Dubai attractive to millions of tourists is because it offers something for everyone, whether they be children, teenagers, young adults, couples, families, groups or older travellers, and this has given the citizen a very go reason in making special efforts to preserve their rich past and cultural heritage, which is one of the incredible ways they entertain their guests or immigrants.
Capital of the Middle East

It is the Modern Art and Design capital of the Middle East. The slick art galleries sprinkled from strong financial base, Dubai has a pretty diverse art scene, and its attracting power is so laudable. The Dubai Design District has just been opened, and when you throw in the array of art and design festivals like Art Dubai and Design Days taking place, there’s always something memorable going on for the aesthetically minded people.


Palm Island known as Palm Jumeirah is the world’s largest artificial island, built between 2001 and 2006, it’s a home for the rich and a creative attraction for the world, a home of multi-million dollar mega mansions and a host of 5 star luxury hotels, including the iconic Atlantis The Palm. It is a place to be.

Memorable holiday

when you are considering to go on a summer holiday packed with family fun, search no further than the golden city called Dubai. The city is sprinkled with a host of family-friendly activities and places to see to keep you busy all day long. From outdoor adventures to multiple theme parks and dining options, the choice and variety of experiences makes Dubai the best holiday destination for families.


Dubai is noted as one of the biggest travel hub in the world and dubai international airport noted as one of the most busiest airport in the world with international passenger traffic of over 70 million. With this record it shows that dubai has one of the strongest and fast growing market in the world.


Adeogun Adewunmi
Adeogun Adewunmi
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