Top 20 Beautiful Beaches in Lagos Nigeria

September 9, 2019
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September 16, 2019

Top 20 Beautiful Beaches in Lagos Nigeria

List of top 20 Beaches in Lagos, Lagos beaches is one of the tourist attraction centers in Nigeria. The heavily commercial and second fastest developing city of  Lagos is one of the coastal States in Nigeria that has a boundary with the Atlantic Ocean. Lagos is one of the states in Nigeria that boasts of luxurious, cool and serene beaches in Nigeria.

Therefore next time you visit Lagos try to visit one of these beaches as for Lagosians they already know how to cool off the daily bustling and bustling city life of Lagos in these beaches.

Adorned by beautiful, cool and soft beach sand, cool ocean breeze, fresh coconut juice, and cool relaxation spots, Lagos beaches are a home away from home. Many of the beaches are very calm and serene which connects the soul back to nature and mother earth and will enable you to either plan to create or come up with innovative ideas.

Also if you are looking for beaches in Lagos where you can organize reunion party, retreat, Camp, Fun tour, and tourism then you must look towards the direction of these beautiful beaches in Lagos.

You can either lie down on the couch and watch the ocean roar, you can dress in your swimming kit and go close to the ocean to swim. Don’t try this if you don’t know how to swim. If you are a fan of Coconut and coconut juice, you can keep your mouth busy with the sweet coconut which is sold on the beach at a very low price. You can hang out with friends in the tent and bacon on the Suyar man to come down with Suya, you can order for drinks to watch it down.


If you are a creative genius you can find a private spot and keep your creative mind busy. You can also read and even sleep if there is provision for that.


Here is the list of top 20 beaches in Lagos and their Locations. Note Both Private and Public Beaches are listed here.


  1. Sultan Beach: This beach is located in the ancient town of Badagry and it is a very beautiful and serene beach where you can hang out with your loved ones and friends during the weekend or festive seasons.
  2. Eleko Beach: Eleko beach is one of the most popular beaches not just in Lagos but in Nigeria as a whole.
  3. Elegushi Beach: This beach is located around Ikate in Lekki part of Lagos. Elegushi beach is one of the classic beaches in Lagos with world-class facilities. The Beach is owned and managed by the Elegushi family. This Beach has in the past hosted lots of musical concerts, parties, shows, private parties, and different types of events. It is a beach that is frequented by many Nigeria celebrities. The beach boast of Amazing nightlife activities, local delicacies, serene hang out spots.
  4. Oniru Beach
  5. Barracuda Beach
  6. Ativan Beach
  7. Chaka Resort
  8. Foofa Bamboo Beach Resort
  9. Inagbe Grand Resort
  10. La Campagne Tropicana Beach Resort
  11. Tarkwa Bay Beach
  12. Coconut Beach Badagry
  13. Whispering Palms Beach Resort
  14. Eko Tourist Beach Resort
  15. Landmark Beach Resort
  16. Lekki Beach Resort
  17. Ibeshe Lagoon Beach Club and Spa
  18. Lekki Leisure Lake
  19. Kids Beach Garden
  20. Ocean Star Beach Resort.
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