Tips To Make Living In Big Cities Less Expensive

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Tips To Make Living In Big Cities Less Expensive

According to the united nation (U.N.), more than 68% of the total populace will live in urban areas by the year 2050.

Urban cities aren’t getting cheaper and the craving to move to a city is getting stronger and stronger every day.

Urban conditions can offer more chances, better assets for living, an assortment of eateries and historical centres, simple transportation, and significantly more.

If you live in Port Harcourt, St. Louis, Chicago, and Paris, Lagos, London you should use these tips to make living in these urban areas less expensive.

In the event that you plan on moving to a city soon or currently live, make use of these 15 tips below to make living in a city cheaper.

#1. Get a side hustle

To make your Living Cheaper In An Expensive City you need a side hustle. Side hustles can give you a couple of additional hundred bucks each month with little commitment.

If you live in a city you can work as a nanny, babysitting for people. These are simply a few hours’ works that can pay you extra cash while likewise giving you some extra steps in the day.

You could likewise work as an online Subjects Teacher or in your free time work as a freelance digital marketer or freelance writer.

#2. Maximize savings

We are fortunate to live in a period where it’s very easy to save cash.

Before buying anything on the internet, you can check when a particular product is decreasing on sale, in price AND you can even find all coupons online to provide you with the best coupon. If you’re shopping in person or offline you can check the products with a discount or make use of black-Friday or X-mass bonanzas.

#3. Rent your space

Major cities are always in need of space, rooms or even shops or stores.

If you have a spare room or store in your home or do you not make use your house year-round?

Potentially you could make a huge amount of money per year by simply renting out this space out. You can advertise this space online on major listing websites.

London bridge

#4. Negotiate and ask for discounts

A simple call can make a tremendous difference in your bills every month. I negotiate on everything! From utility bills, cars, deposits, electronics bills, blogging jobs you name it. You will be surprised as to what sort of discounts you may be missing out on for not be negotiating.

#5. Take advantage of free or cheap things

Living in a city offers such a significant number of free resources that should be exploited. And to Make your Living Cheaper In An Expensive City you should take advantage of free and cheap things.

Do you live near an automobile workshop? You could get your car worked on for extremely cheap or free just by having apprentices or students work on them.

Do you live close to a hair salon? You could pay less than $5 for services like haircuts, hair plait, manicures, and or even facials.

If you live in a big city, you had a variety of free services to choose from, ranging from science, art, health, history and even a free education service. You just need to do some digging to know what’s available in your area.

#6. Learn how to cook

With so many restaurants in cities, it’s very easy to spend huge amount of money every month on outings.

Do you experience difficulty cooking at home or not sure what to cook?

You can call for delivery service to deliver all the ingredients you will need, or ask your female or even male neighbours to help you out (so that you waste no money on food ) and step by step instructions on how to make cooking easy.

#7. Payless for your phone bill

Are you spending excessive money on your cellphone every month?

If you’re using MTN, Glo, Airtel etc. There may be a possibility of you spending too much money monthly on your cellphone due to their overcharges. You can switch SIM cards if you discover one is charging low compare to others. There’s also a way of browsing the internet for free if you know you know.

#8. Take advantage of the library

Libraries offer far beyond just books.

Depending on the library, you may have access to free language learning classes, renting household items, conference rooms, workout DVD’s and so on.

Libraries likewise have discounted or free tickets to entertainment events, for example, museums, sporting events, concerts and many more.

#9. Travel cheaper

One of the great things about living in an urban or major city is getting access to one-way buses or flights to awesome destinations within your city or around the world. Instead of taking first-class flights or busses you can decide to be flying economy flights and or cheap busses.

#10. Reduce energy

If you have your own prepaid or postpaid meter you can take advantage of energy-saving light bulbs. Also, make sure you switch off any of your electric and electronic appliances before leaving the house to help preserve energy and save you excess charges.

You could potentially save huge amount of money on this per year. It’s that easy.

#11. Get rid of unnecessary fees

Get rid of unnecessary fees on things like overdraft fees, late fees, monthly service fees, ATM fees, account maintenance fees, late fees, credit card interest charges and many more.

Those are the Tips To Make Living Cheaper In An Expensive City. If you know any other Tips To Make Living Cheaper In An Expensive City you can let us know in the comment box

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