Tips For Getting Canada Job Offer From Nigeria Faster

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Tips For Getting Canada Job Offer From Nigeria Faster

Benefit of getting a Canada job offer is that it makes Canada immigration way easier:
1. In Express entry, Canada job offer boosts your CRS score by at least 50 points.

2. With a Canada job offer, you have met the major and hardest requirement for programs like RNIP, PNP or AIPP. These are less costly programs for you to get Permanent Residency (PR).They also have low IELTs, educational and proof of funds requirements.

3. Less Proof of Funds required. This is a continuation of the 2nd point. The above programs require you to have less Proof of Funds compared to Express Entry.

However, I will be honest with you, being Nigerian based in Nigeria looking for a Canada job is hard.
Secondly, it might take you submitting up to 20 to 30 applications before you even get your first interview.
However you can take hope in the fact that Nigerians are getting Canada jobs. And you too can if you are willing to work hard on your application.
In this writeup we will be using the word resume instead of CV.
So, tips for immigrating to Canada:

1. Use Canada style resume and cover letter. Canada style resume have some peculiarities. For example, in Canada resume, there is no inclusion of age, race, gender, nationality, picture, religion and marital status age in your resume.
It is not required under Canada employment law and human rights legislation.

2. Be on the look out for Canada job fairs that you can attend.
They are usually announced in the Province’s website.
Job fairs are recruitment events usually organized by the different provinces. Here Canada employers and recruiters meet with potential employees. It can hold both offline and online. A few have held this year and more will hold later this year.
3. Be PR ready To boost your chances of getting a Canada job offer, you must be PR ready. Being PR ready means you have documents like your educational credentials, IELTs, ECA etc.
Being PR ready gives you an advantage because employers don’t want to wait for too long before you process your needed documents.

4. Create and optimize your LinkedIn profile. In Canada, LinkedIn is almost an holy grail when it comes to your career. Some top Canada recruiters once said they will not consider a candidate if he is in Tech or a white collar job and doesn’t have a LinkedIn profile.

5. Sign up in to receive new job notifications for your NOC on different Canada job platforms. And send job applications frequently.
Remember earlier we said it might take up to 20 to 30 applications before you get your first interview. So try to send at least one application per day.

6. Pay close attention to the job description for the jobs you want to apply.
It is very important because it contains valuable information about job duties and keywords. And these keywords should show on your resume. This shows the employer you know what the job entail.
And very importantly, Canada employers get applications from all over the world.
Most hiring managers, talent acquisition or recruitment department use a software tool to automatically scan hundreds of applications. So if your resume does not have the correct keywords it won’t be read by the recruiter at all.

7. Get a Canada phone no. And include it in your resume.
This is not a tip you hear discussed often. But a Canada phone no. really helps when applying for jobs for programs like RNIP, AIPP etc
Some employers especially small and medium scale businesses have a tendency of picking up the phone to call the applicants to get some clarification. And with this you have the chance of handling their objections when it comes to you not being in Canada.

Hope this helped.
Meanwhile if you have gotten a Canada job or you are still searching, it will be appreciated if you share your job search experience here

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