Seychelles A Good Honeymoon Destination

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September 4, 2019
September 5, 2019

Seychelles A Good Honeymoon Destination

Seychelles is one of  the best honeymoon destination in the world which is budget friendly and also offers many great opportunities to enjoy as a couple. Firstly many great places are located in Seychelles where you can experience different things such as marine life, adventure activities, food, relaxation and many more. Some of the places to visit in Seychelles are,

  • Anse Lazio : This beach is located in the main island of Praslin. Anse Lazio is considered as one of the best beaches in the world. It is known for great waves, crystal clear blue water, chill climate and beautiful sceneries. This beach is lined with large granite boulders. You can experience great views along with fun water activities. If you are looking for a quiet beach yet with great sceneries and amenities then Anse Lazio is the best option. The seafood is amazing here.
  • Curieuse island: Curieuse island nicknamed as Tortoise Island. Here you can encounter the giant tortoises of Seychelles. These giants are extremely calm and pleasant to encounter. You can feed and even take pictures with them as they roam freely in this island. Other than giant tortoises, the coco de mer – world’s largest nut indigenous to Seychelles grows in this island. Unique experiences like BBQ on a boat and reef seeing from a boat with glass bottom are available in this island. If you are looking for a place with fun, flora and fauna, then this is the perfect place on your vacation.
  • Praslin: The island of Seychelles can be otherwise called as Land of Paradise. The chill climate with scenic locations of hills along the seaside will make you be in awe with the country. you can go on a walk or travel on your own in the local area and discover the ambience and culture of the locals. You can taste their cuisine and enjoy the day to its fullest, thereby encountering the flora and fauna of Seychelles

Other than places couples can stay in resorts and enjoy great time there. Many fun couples activities like snorkeling, scuba diving, parasailing, jet ski, cruising, dinner at sunset and many more are available. Mainly you can enjoy the world famous reef safari. Reef Safari is one of a kind. This safari is one thing that will be never experienced any where else in the world. In this safari we will travel to the Victoria’s marina and board a boat. Then we will be taken to a diverse marine ecosystem, where we will be given opportunity to feed the fishes and have a rendezvous with the marine creatures. This safari helps us to understand the marine ecosystem and makes us to be more responsible in making the ecosystem more liveable for sea creatures.

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