My First Time On-board An Airplane

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May 13, 2019
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My First Time On-board An Airplane

I vividly remember my first trip on an airplane, well that’s because it was June 2018. I flew from Jos to Lagos on an Arik flight. To be honest, when I slept the last night I had no intention of traveling the next day but then it’s me so……..expect the unexpected…lol

I woke up the next day and was quite determined to be in Lagos that same day. With no previous flight experience because really I’ve not been so far away from home before.

All my life had been in the west till this point where I had to answer the clarion call to serve the fatherland.

Yeah! so I needed to be in Lagos that day. Why? you’d ask, an emergency? Nothing really….lmao. I was just tired of staying in Jos for over 5 months without being home.

Well, so finally I booked online, I think my flight was slated for 2/3pm, well I read all the instructions on the e-ticket because really I had no idea what I was getting into. So yeah, they said checking in starts 2hrs to the flight time and you could miss your flight once checking is over. Me! miss my flight??!!!! lai lai.

Checking in for my flight

I was there by 12 noon. Did the whole security check thing with FAAN personnel-metal detector. I was surprised tho when I asked to pull off my shoes. In my mind, I was like seriously! you guys is it that serious??!! hahahahaha!

Still reading? Don’t give up on me yet grin

Well, I checked in, no problems, all smooth. Sat down at the waiting area of the Yakubu Gowon Airport Jos, Plateau State. Finally, our plane arrived and I could feel that adrenalin rush.\

Boarding a plane for the first time

Then the boarding process started and it all felt surreal. So I finally boarded the plane, initially, I didn’t know how the whole sitting arrangement thing works(Your sit no is already on your ticket). Lol! I must have looked really nervous. I guess it’s not so hard figuring out first-time fliers, I could pick out one or two first-time fliers on my consequent trips. hehehehe!

The take-off experience

This for me is arguably the best part of any first-timer’s flying experience. We were told repeatedly by the captain to fasten our seat belt in preparation to take off. He introduced himself and the flight crew; informed us of the weather conditions and our landing time at Lagos. The air host and hostesses were all polite, courteous and neatly dressed.

Now, the airplane began to taxi on the runway, made some turns before it began to go very fast in readiness to take off. At a very fast speed the plane began to taxi and less than 2 mins we were off the ground!

So yeah! now I could relate with how them witches and wizards feel anytime they ‘fly’ lmaooo…

Felt like rapture! we kept ascending till we reached a point we were stable. Your guess is probably as good as mine. I was awake all through. The man beside me slept off already at taking off. Lmaoo! that’s how you know old time flyers-calmness.

We were served refreshment during the flight and in less than 1hr 15 mins we were ready to land, I should say via road it’s 19hrs to Lagos from Jos. I guess that would help you appreciate the flight duration.

The landing was not as thrilling as taking off for me. We touched down safely and really I was not at any point scared all through. It all seemed adventurous for me.

What was your first flight experience like? share in the comment section below.

Adeogun Adewunmi
Adeogun Adewunmi
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