Method of Comparing Air Fare

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December 20, 2016
January 27, 2017

Method of Comparing Air Fare

Air traveling is usually the fastest means to go from one place to another, no doubt this is a known fact, however when undertaking a long distance, one can easily find the best prices for ticket through our travel consultants. A spontaneous choice to fly usually incurs an expensive ticket. Though, an advanced planning may decrease the airfare, particularly if you fly in the mid-week or in late afternoon and evening.


Mostly flights proffer two-three kinds of tickets. First being the first class for elites,VIP and those who can pay the fare as is a luxury class of service and its always extremely high although many aircraft don’t provide this class of service but that those not takes the fact away that many still do especially the long haul international flight, second is the Business class tickets that let passenger to get seated in front of plane, in which the seat is wider and have more leg space. Such seats are highly expensive than the economy class tickets that makes the rest of seats in plane.


One of the factors determining the flight price also is what day of the week are you planning to fly, people traveling on weekend usually pay higher than those going to same place in the weekday, as weekends are measured as peak time for traveling.

Time Frame

The price of ticket also differs depending upon when they have been purchased. Airlines often have “seat sales,” that applies to limited seats offered for discounted cost just ahead of flight date. Certain airlines offers seat deals at last-minute as well so as to sell the left over seats of the given flight.

Travel Sites

Travel sites ( various all over the internet) exhibit a variety of flights and airlines for your date and destination. Cataloging the list by cost puts the least airfares on top, so you may compare them. there is a precaution not all travel sites are genuine and can be trusted so caution is necessary when comparing fare from travel sites online, as many of travel sites used software that extract flight information and display them, many at times this displayed flight information are not verifiable and at many time would readily not be available


You might check airline websites individually as well, using details gleaned from travel sites. Airlines often possess lower airfares at their sites, but this comes with question how many airlines do you know that goes to your destination and most importantly have the best deal for budget

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