How to maximize your UK visa and all the countries it can take you to as a Nigerian

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How to maximize your UK visa and all the countries it can take you to as a Nigerian

How to maximize your UK visa and all the countries it can take you to as a Nigerian

The process of obtaining a UK visa can be stressful, once you get it, you should take advantage of every bit of the visa.

Apart from Schengen visas that can get you into 26 different countries, some other visas give you multiple entry access.

Due to British strict visa policies, the process of obtaining a UK visa can really drain your energy but passionate travelers especially know the value of a UK visa.

A valid UK visa gets you into England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland, some other European cities as well as many other countries around the world where you can experience diverse culture.

United kingdom entry visa

Currently, according to Visa guide at least 20 countries in the world permit UK visa holders to enter their territory without having to obtain another visa. In addition, several other countries have facilitated entry for those with UK visas, by enabling them to get an e-visa or a visa-on-arrival.

There are 34 countries a UK visa can get you entry into but with a Nigerian passport, which was recently ranked 94th in global passport rankings, it limits the list to just a few. There are also many conditions involved and one of them is to have visited the country that owns the visa at least once before you can use that same valid visa to travel to any of these destinations.

However, with a valid UK visa, you better make the best out of it by first checking out the countries that permit you to travel there with it.

  1. AlbaniaCriteria: Must have used the visa to enter the UK at least once Entry up to: 90 days
  2. Antigua and Barbuda Entry up to: 30 days.
  3. Belize Entry up to: 30 days
  4. Bermuda (British Territory) Entry up to: 30 days
  5. Bonaire (Kingdom of the Netherlands) Entry up to: 30 days.
  6. Bosnia and Herzegovina Entry up to: 30 days
  7. British Virgin Islands (British Territory) Entry up to: 30 days
  8. Costa Rica Entry up to: 30 days.
  9. Cuba Entry up to: 30 daysCriteria: Must hold the Tourist Card, which can be obtained from Cuban embassies, authorized airlines and travel agencies.
  10. Dominican Republic Entry up to: 30 days.
  11. Georgia Entry up to: 90 days.
  12. Gibraltar (British Territory) Entry up to: 90 days
    Criteria: UK multiple-entry visas must be issued for at least 6 months or more.
  13. Macedonia Entry up to: 15 daysCriteria: The visa must be valid for at least 5 days beyond the intended period of stay.
  14. Mexico Entry up to: 180 days.
  15. Montenegro Entry up to: 30 days.
  16. Panama Entry up to: 30 daysCriteria: UK visa must be valid for at least one year from the date of arrival and UK visa must have been used at least once to enter the UK before.
  17. Qatar Entry up to: 90 days
  18. Romania Entry up to: 90 day
  19. Serbia Entry up to: 90 day
  20. Sint Maarten Entry up to: 30 days.
  21. Turkey Entry up to: 30 days Visa is NOT EXEMPT, but you are eligible to apply for a 30 day e-Visa online.
  22. Turks and Caicos (British Territory) Entry up to: 90 days.

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