How To Identify Fake Visa And Job Agents (UAE/Dubai)

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How To Identify Fake Visa And Job Agents (UAE/Dubai)

The issue of potential immigrants/ foreign job seeekers becoming victims of both fake visa and job agents is very prevalent in the society. Almost everyone seeking a greener pasture in another country have been a victim of either. I was once a victim too.

About a week ago, I heard of an issue some Nigerian immigrants have with some job agents which was one of the reasons that prompted me to make this video.
Let me tell you Fake Visa agents and job agents are not really the same, and they have a lot of tricks up their sleeves.

My focus would be on Dubai and UAE generally ( they are many here) Here is how to identify fake visa agents. fact about

I will start with Visa agents

1. DEMANDS PART-PAYMENT(Advance payment) They offer to apply three months visa for you on part payment, and you pay the balance when it is done. This is false. There is no legal agent or company that will apply three months visa for you in advance. As a matter of fact, the first payment you are asked to made is the original payment. The balance payment is for the agent’s benefit. Paying before the visa is the real deal.

2) COST Relating to Nigeria’s current situation, if an agent collect above 150,000 from you to purchase three months visa to UAE. Question him or her. Trust me, 150,000naira as at when typing this is the maximum owing to exchange rates etc. Anything above that is extortion.

Let’s move to fake Job agents.

These ones operate in Dubai/UAE. You experience them after you have gotten your visa and move to Dubai. These job agents take advantage of people’s desperation and a lot of people fall into their traps.

Here are some red flags to identify a fake job agent from my experience and experience of other people.
1) COME WITH YOUR LUGGAGE They always have a catch phrase which is “come with your luggages” They use this catchphrase because they know you are desperate and need somewhere to stay and a job to make money.

After paying them, they will take people to a place, like you have been employed. Truthfully, you will start working but many of the companies they take people to have no quota. In UAE, quota is the number of slots the government give each company to employ people. Since these companies are illegitimate, they don’t have quota to apply for your visa.

After Agents take you there and you start these jobs, after three months, the company will tell you “We are sorry, we don’t have quota and can’t apply for your visa” you would have worked for three months without significant profit and the agent that took you there will be gone or tell you it’s no more in their hands cos they got you a “job.”

2) AGENT FEE Any Job with an agent fee is a red flag. Agents will charge you from 500 to 1500 dirhams depending on the salary of the job. Be careful, get more facts before paying.

3) LOCATION OF AGENT’S OFFICE Be wary of companies based in Business Bay, Burjuman and many other places which includes Sharjah and Ajman. Ajman is popular for bad vices and is a den of fraudsters and scammers. I talked about it in my last video. Be very careful if you get invited for interview in these locations. Am not saying everywhere in this location is bad, Just be more careful.

4) CONSULTATION/REGISTRATION FEE Any company that asks you to pay consultation or registration fees is likely false. No legit recruitment agency in UAE charges job seekers. They may tell you, you will start job in three days, Sunday etc. All lies. Leave immediately.

5) OFFER LETTER ON THE SPOT Any job that gives you an offer letter without an interview is probably fake. Question that. No job will give u an offer letter to do your visa without interview. They use a flat, or normal apartment and it is always well set up when u come back in 2 or three days, they are gone.

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