Five Things You Must Know Before Visiting Dubai

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August 27, 2019
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Five Things You Must Know Before Visiting Dubai


If you are visiting Dubai for the first time then you must consider a few things:

  • Don’t import any kind of alcohol, pork, porn, poppy seeds or drugs with you.

Dubai is one of the emirates that make up the UAE in the Gulf.

All the emirates have strict laws on alcohol, sex and drugs, and Dubai is no exception.

Expats and tourists over 21 are allowed to drink alcohol, but only in certain places favored by Westerners such as hotels, restaurants and nightclubs.

Non-Muslim residents must buy a license to buy alcohol in shops to drink at home. Dubai has strict laws surrounding alcohol. Visitors who do not live there cannot get a license, but one way round it is to buy duty free booze at the airport and take it to your hotel. Residents are also meant to have a permit to drink in licensed venues, but tourists are able to buy drinks in hotels and bars without any problem.

However it is illegal to be drunk in public. Many visitors fall foul of this law when they come to the attention of police for another matter such as rowdy behavior or a car crash, or even if they are the victim of a crime. Dubai has a zero-tolerance approach to drink driving.

And it is illegal to drink any alcohol in a public place, including beaches. Plain clothes police officers are said to be on the lookout for Westerners breaking the law in tourist hot spots.

Muslim visitors, even those from Western countries, face more severe punishments for drunkenness, including lashings.

And don’t drink too much on planes heading to the UAE. You could be arrested for being under the influence while on a stop-over in Dubai or Abu Dhabi, even if you don’t leave the airport

Non-Muslim residents can get a liquor license to drink alcohol at home and in licensed venues

  • Dress up modestly. If you are a woman wear an abaya (long cloak) or loose maxi dress and not like this


  • After coming here if you want to go out for shopping or eating then plan ahead according to timings of Salah (prayers) because all businesses would close during prayer timings (five times a day).
  • It’s better to avoid discussions about religions, king, politics etc. with locals. If you are a non Muslim you are free to pray but don’t convert. There is little outward sign of any religion other than Islam in Dubai, but the city is quietly tolerant of other faiths. Rulers have ensured people with different beliefs have a place to worship.


  • If you are coming from November to March then you will find most of the places cool or pleasant weather. In other months of the year you will find it very hot so pack your bags accordingly. Dubai does not experience a typical winter as it has sunshine all year-round. November to March is considered the winter season and the best time to visit Dubai. … Be prepared for crowds in January and February, a particularly popular time as people make their way to the annual Dubai Shopping Festival.


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