Estonia, All You Need To Know (A Client’s Experience)

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Estonia, All You Need To Know (A Client’s Experience)

Estonia is a small beautiful North Eastern European country. It has a population of fewer than 1.4m people. Its capital is in Tallinn, that borders between Russia and Finland. Though many people regard Estonia as another poor Eastern Europe country the reverse is the case. Estonians regard themselves more like Scandinavian countries with Denmark, Sweden, and Finland. They have a high living standard with a low unemployment rate.

Estonia is a member of the European Union, Schengen zone, and also a member of NATO(Cybersecurity headquarter of Nato is located in Tallinn, Estonia). A very advanced country in Information Technology. One of their most popular startups is SKYPE though later sold to Facebook.

IT in Estonia
A popular IT system here is the use of an ID Card. with this card, u can virtually access all Government services like Health care, transport, Business registration, etc and banking and all other business. In fact, government services in Estonia run 24 hours. As simple as it may sound, E-Governance in Estonia is a quite complex system. All database of information of all public and private organization is connected with a technology called X- Road. Serious countries all over the world send their citizens here for training to learn how Estonia e-governance work. (Google e Estonia).

A brief scenario of how the system works as regards to police
An offender committed a crime in let’s say the UK and decides to come over to Estonia to settle whereas the UK govt is on the look for him. If he comes here and enters a public bus, the system will notify the Estonia police of his current location. If he decides to use his own car, a camera that scans Plate nos detects his location because the car registration is linked to him. So crime here is extremely low because everything is connected.

Life in Estonia
Estonia is among the coldest countries in the world, social life is not much. But their plenty of clubs(strippers) as well in Tallinn and night parties. A lot of tourist attraction especially in Old Town part of Tallinn. Transport is generally free in Tallinn Estonia with free wifi connection in public places like bus stops, malls, parks, etc. Internet is also connected to the houses in Tallinn(free). In fact, the internet is like a human right here. Everything u do here is on the internet.
The cost of living here is extremely low compared with other EU countries.
Languages are spoken in Estonia – Eesti, English, and Russia in that order.

Education in Estonia
There are two main public universities in Estonia, Tartu University and Tallinn University of Technology. Tartu University is a conventional university and among top 350 schools in the world. Its located in a city called Tartu. Tallinn University of Technology as the name implies is a Technology based university. Because the country is an IT-based country, they tend to support courses in Engineering and IT based on scholarship and tuition-free programs. This simply means that if u apply and lucky to get a course in fields related to IT and Engineering in general, then u are automatically on scholarship. No school fees payment till u graduate. In fact, the govt will pay u some amount of money monthly for ur upkeep. For any Ph.D. course, u re sure of getting at least 400 euro for monthly upkeep. (i know ur eyeballs must be rolling now).
Courses for International students are offered in English
Admission process starts the first week of December and new session resumes August.

Job Opportunities in Estonia
For students, they are allowed to work up to 40 hours a week on part-time jobs. Also after completing your studies, u re allowed up to 6 months to stay and find a job to renew your residence permit. There are plenty of IT jobs here……………..if you are good in Software Developer (JAVA) and a web programmer(PHP), u are lucky. Else, if u don’t have deep and practical IT knowledge, then be ready to serve coffee and watch plates in hotels. Though when u do these menial jobs on a full time, u can get up 1000 euro monthly.

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