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Coldest States In Nigeria

Here are list of coldest in nigeria

a)PLATEAU(jos): When you visit jos during harmattan you will mistaken the weather for londons’ due to the chilly temperature.temperature plummets to 17 degrees day time temperature and 10 degrees night temperature.

b)KANO STATE: Although kano is very hot but during harmattan the weather becomes cold and temperature drops to 17 degrees.

C)KATSINA: Temperatures in katsina can be as low as 15 degrees at night.

D)KADUNA: Kaduna is known for its dryness but harmattan makes temperatures to plummet to 19 degrees and that is when koko(pap) and kose(beans) becomes their favorite inorder to fight off the cold.

E)SOKOTO: Sokoto is generally hot but the harmattan drops the temperature to 19 degrees.in the morning strong wind throw you off balance.

F)ABUJA: Abuja temperaure plummet to 22 degrees during the harmattan

H)ENUGU: Enugu state is the coldest state in the south eastern nigeria. temperature can drop to 18 degrees at night.

I)EKITI: Ekiti state temperature drops to 20 degrees at night.

Adeogun Adewunmi
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