Beautiful Places to Visit in Africa In Your lifetime

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Beautiful Places to Visit in Africa In Your lifetime

One of the beautiful places to visit in Africa

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The beauty of Africa isn’t just about the skyscrapers that stand tall in the chilly cities of Capetown or the sweaty, commercial Lagos that’s noised with round-the-clock hustle. The emerging city of Nairobi still doesn’t qualify. Africa is beautiful for its own sake!

If you form your story of Africa from the pictures on television, you’re no better than one who still regards Africa as a country. The national dailies won’t feed you better ideas either if you need places to visit in Africa. Forget those horrifying tales and black monkey legends. Africa is lush!

I’ve toured different destinations of the world as a virtual nomad. I can’t yet rank any other place better in the way I felt the touch of nature in East and South Africa. But I may be wrong. There may still be better places my adventurous self hasn’t graced. Well, I live for discoveries.

Places to Visit in Africa; My Little Tip Experience

Africa beautiful waterfall spot

From when the aircraft you board touches down, you can almost tell what the destination you are visiting looks like. Africa is given out easily. Safe for North Africa, the weathers across the continent are nearly the same. So are the people; accepting, loving and beautiful. African cultures fascinate and can easily draw any tourist in. I can’t easily forget my fascinating experience in Namibia.

It was my first time in Namibia. I just arrived at the Namibian airport and boarded an airport taxi to my hotel. The driver helped with a 1990s countryside sound to suit the breezy, sunny atmosphere. Just as I looked against the rear window, I could embrace a feeling that resonates with the home. It was an emerging city that hasn’t yet forsaken its cultural traits.

My experience in Namibia is strikingly similar to what I had in many other parts of Africa I visited.  It’s the same continent that offers the best wildlife and safari experience. The same continent with bubbling nightlife and hustling spirit. The same continent with many natural virgin tourist attractions that are hungry for discovery and appreciation.   

While you plan on taking your vacation to Africa this period, these four places  to visit in Africa are perfect options you may want to consider.

Watamu, Kenya

Watamu is a small, fishing and undeveloped village in Kenya. Strikingly, it’s one of the best places to vacation in Africa.

Watamu, one of the lovely places to visit in Africa


Sitting north of Mombasa, Kenya, this lush, sandy coast embodies is a tropical gem you rarely can find anywhere in the world. It’s beautified with coral gardens and crystal blue sea that project nature in its idyllic form. Indeed, is one of the thrilling places to visit in Africa.

Just when I touched down the Mambosa airport on my first trip, I strongly felt its captivating allure. I must confess, it was a healing experience as I needed a breakout from my insane routines. And each day I set out to the beach to embrace the serene, brisk atmosphere, I would return rejuvenated and healed.

There’re many things to experience. You could go onboard paddling in the river – the home of dolphins and humpback whales – if you’re stronghearted. Kite surfing or scuba diving is another thrilling experience visitors and locals enjoy at the Watamu Marine Park. How about exploring the open, greenish Arabuko Sokoke Forest – Southern and Eastern Africa’s largest coastal jungle. There you’ll meet the wildest, gentlest and lovelies of animals in the world, even buffalos and elephants. You could wrap up touring the green, tall tree plantation and beautiful archeological artifacts.

Nungwi, Zanzibar

“It sounded too exotic to be real in the story. But when I visited, I realized the stories didn’t really capture the depths!” – an American backpacker shared with me over a glass of wine at the Forodhani Gardens.

Zanzibar beach spot

This is an Island with matchless untamed beauty! Why won’t it sit atop the list of places to visit in Africa?

Surprisingly, a lot of the visitors Zanzibar are couples. Maybe they are drawn by its contagious romantic appeal which is potent enough to revive a relationship on a downward spiral. From the luxe hotels that stand on the gateway to the captivating sunset and chilly resort, there’s just much to help your couple goals.

But Zanzibar isn’t for the couple vacationers alone. It’s perfect for anyone and anything. If you are on solo travel, you can settle to treat your drained body to some spa after climbing Mount Kilimanjaro – the famous mount standing just against the beach. If you’re a foodie, hold yourself – sumptuous seafood, grilled maize, meat kebabs and other savory delicacies served at the resort may push you to empty your wallet.

Interestingly, this plush island was once a fishing village living a distressed ghetto life. The once aging suburb bungalows scattered in the locale have now taken the shape and glamour of state-of-the-art edifices offering comfort to thousands of tourists from all over the world.

After a long day of tour and adventuring on its beaten paths, you can retire to one of its wintry beaches to unwind with a chilled drink.  

Anse Source d’Argent & Anse Soleil, Seychelles

Some say it’s “the most beautiful beach in the world.” Others say it’s “lush tropical heaven.”  Don’t argue if you haven’t been here.

Showing the beautiful Anse Source d’Argent & Anse Soleil

Whatever praise it gets, the Anse Source d’Argent, La Digue of Seychelles is deserving of it. Its type is rare – an archipelago that revels in luxury and deluxe tropical scenery. Its breezy, palatial beaches and pristine, chilly white sand make honeymoon, vacation or backpack delightful ranking it top on our list of places to visit in Africa. And year by year, thousands of tourists escape finding solace away from noise-infested urban locales.

The gateway to the resort leads to a stunning backdrop of beautiful green hills and an alluring tropical path. And when you touch down, you can readily find your next stop – there’s so much to do. Slipping into the sparkling, exquisite water for a swim or snorkeling in the luxuriant reefs may attract you first. You may also want to go diving or relax your weary self on the beach, work on your tan, etc. – just so much to fix up with.

And I can’t forget neat restaurants that treat both locals and visitors with delicious meals. Lavish Seafood and local cuisines may waste you if you are such a foodie.

If you take your kids along, be careful, they may ask for a permanent stay.

Skeleton Coast, Namibia

Warning, this isn’t a love zone! It’s called “the land God made in anger.”

Overview of the skeleton coast park

From the air, its bleak shoreline gives an astonishing overview. But this is a daring resort – with lions and other carnivores walking proudly on its chilly white sand as you’d have in the Caribbean.

Its sands tower hundreds of meters – nearly 400 feet- against the shores. Everything you see is pure nature, nothing man-made except for the old shipwrecks buried in the beach sands and the skeletons of Whale and seal the former whaling industry litter the coastline – the source of its startling name.

So, why visit this such a place with that’s likened to the terrifying Caribbean. Because it’s the best shorelines in the world.

“It seems more like a mirage than real,” CNN’s Joe Yogerst said describing this forbidden wonderland.

Situated between the Swakop and the Kunene rivers, in the coastal side of Namibia, the Skeleton beach is a virgin spot that’s unique in itself. It extends from the Swakopmund city in the north of Namibia, to the Angolan border. It sits in between the Ugab and Hoanib Rivers in the South and the Hoanib and Kunene rivers in the north.he north – where, the Skeleton Coast Wilderness lives – is where visitors want to go. But just about 800 visitors are allowed to grace the lovely shore each year in order to preserve the fragile environment.

You can build a checklist of things to do before you set out on your journey. You can go on fishing at the Henties Bay, explore the Cape Cross Seal Reserve, ride along to experience the desert-adapted wildlife.

The Skeleton coast is largely uncivilized but this’s intentional to preserve it for nature’s sake – so, visitors can have a place of escape from man-made urban areas with sweaty, polluted life.


fun places in Kenya

These are just a few mentions of the beautiful, lush places to visit in Africa. In fact, nature lives on the continent. But before you set out, make you have these 7 best travel plans I’ve put together to ensure you have a successful trip.

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