Reasons Why Many Visa Applications Are Rejected

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November 22, 2019
November 27, 2019

Reasons Why Many Visa Applications Are Rejected

A lot of people make the mistake of making deposits into their bank accounts prior to visa application; this action is called “Money Lodgement” which is an express ground for visa refusal: Do not naively commit this violation (by depositing lump sums of money into an account which apparently stands in isolation) for presentation purpose.
Such an account does not meet the requirement of an acceptable bank statement so, applying for a visa with it will only give you a definite result, REFUSAL.

This is how it works; An acceptable bank statement must have up to six months transaction records demonstrating your income (from verifiable sources) and expenditures, and it must have good enough fund to sustain your trip and intentions, and also; it must have enough balance to keep you going after the trip: preferably, a Current account, Savings account, Salary or Wages account:
Importantly, you must be able to satisfy your Visa Officer that you have somewhat of an obligation or home tie to return to Nigeria for.
I regret to say that until your bank statements meet the standard format as explained, you will continue to get refused no matter how many times you applied or how much money you have in your accounts

For those considering the use of sponsor, be aware that there are very few circumstances in which it may be considered for an adult applicant to use a sponsor, such sponsor may be a Spouse (especially for Family Reunion) or Parents/Guardians (especially for Education or for medical reasons), etc. But if you are considering the use of a Company’s account, that would be unacceptable (even if you own the company). For a company’s sponsorship to be acceptable, you would need to be applying for a training or a course, or a seminar etc that would be deemed profitable to your company in order to satisfy the visa officer of the purpose otherwise, it would be judged that the money in the company’s account is not available for your use: unless your company is offering you a complimentary vacation under its care.

And as an adult, you are supposed to be financially independent to meet the requirement for a tourist or pleasure visa; for example, you can’t be sponsored by anyone if your intended travel is for the purpose of tourism or romance rather than official or compelling family visit (no sponsor’s bank account can cover you except in compelling limited circumstances whereby it is deemed reasonable for his sponsorship to be considered).
*A presentable account has to meet the requirements and the formation of the bank statement that is acceptable as explained in the bolded part of the above paragraph.

It is extremely important to make your visa application early in order to give the embassy enough time to process your application: many people are refused for reason of insufficient time: There is always a general warning that visa applicants should give plenty of time to process applications as delays may occur due to uncertainties and circumstances beyond their control, and in the event that your application is decided after the purpose of your intended trip has expired or is in a tight situation, your visa application may be refused for reason of “change of circumstance”.

I decided to add this post since it continues to happen that many people still find themselves in this unfortunate situation, and I thought I should lay emphasis to save people’s money.
This informational advice is for country-men and women who continue to bin their thousands of Naira attempting to obtain the UK or the US visas while being unaware that they are under a ban for ten years or for life respectively.

Have you ever been refused a UK visa on the basis of fraudulent, fake, or misleading documents or even serious sensitive misinformation? If so, then apply for a UK visa no more, keep your application fees and try for other countries.
If you committed this act before the 10 years ban came into effect, as long as your finger-prints were taken, you would get the ban on your next visa application: only those who committed it before finger-print era are free from this merciless punishment It is unfortunate that, except you take measures, you might not be able to find out whether you carry the ten years ban based on fraudulent or misleading documents presentation or, false declaration; this is the unfair method that the UK embassy uses to punish individuals who had attempted to use fake or misleading documents to obtain their visa: they allow them to re-apply unaware of the ban while they extract the visa application fee from the unsuspecting applicants.
If you are unsure of your ban/no-ban status, you are entitled to the rights of knowing your eligibility for the UK visa after refusal and the staff are obliged to let you know it. But however, if you wish to make a subsequent application, you can inquire before making your payment: ask them to inform you of your status before paying the visa fee, it is their duty to notify you of it if you ask them even during fresh application.

These said, another way (perhaps the most effective way) that you can find out is your own intuition, you should know whether you were detected presenting any fake, fraudulent or misleading documents or serious sensitive misinformation to support your previous application. And if you were, then, there are no two ways about it, you’ve just been banned (unaware) for ten good years. Period.

The sad truth is: you did not receive the ban from making subsequent applications, but rather you received the ban from obtaining a UK visa of any category. So, it is up to you to apply a hundred or a thousand times while under a ban, but you will never be given a visa except after the ten years ban expires.
There was this case of a Nigerian visa applicant who was refused a visa for reason of forged documents that he presented in his previous application; after some time, he eventually came clean in his new application, but still he was refused a visa on the basis of the “fraud documents” that he submitted in his previous application. Yet, the cruel visa officer did not advise the mugu applicant that he was under a ban, but the country-man who obviously found no reason for his recent refusal was wise enough to ask about his chance of getting the visa in future application, and then the visa officer was obliged to let him know that he had been under a ban even before his recently denied application was made.
Now, had this countryman known that he was under a ban, he wouldn’t have spent his hard-earned money all through that stress and trouble to apply for a visa that will never be issued him?

So, considering the fact that at the UK embassy, over 9000 applicants were caught with fraudulent documents in just one year, I wish to request that this thread be kept alive so that others would see it and avoid binning their money, this thread can save millions or even billions of Naira.

NOTE 1: The same applies to the USA visa application, but considering the LIFE BAN that you can get from the US if caught with fake or misleading documents or misinformation, the UK 10 years ban is merciful.

NOTE 2: For expectant mothers; know that it is a serious violation to conceal pregnancy during visa application, and it is even more serious to give birth in a country if your visa is not issued on the medical ground: and worse still, to deny the awareness.
And unlike the merciful 10 years ban that is applicable with the UK, You may never be issued a US visa again, this violation MAY attract a life ban from the USA depending on circumstances and judgment
NOTE 3:I am not a Travel or “Visa” agent. And if anyone tells you that he is a visa agent, run away from the person because most of the people who get into bans are those who solicit the services of false syndicates who profess themselves “visa agents”.

YOU CAN APPLY FOR THE VISAS YOURSELVES, and you will be sure of the documents that you use. But if you solicit (the so-called) fake visa agents for assistance, you might not know when fake or tampered documents are added to your application, and the result will be a LIFE BAN from the USA.

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