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November 29, 2019
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Though the word Offence and Offense sounds so similar, you can interchange any for this article’s sake.

Traveling is honestly fun and interesting, and no doubt, millions of persons travel daily. Using Aircraft also create memorable experience too.

But what are the risk involved?

Good enough, some have Private Aircraft like Jet, while for others is a dream never come true. This article today details the top airport offense to avoid.

Some persons are even framed up for crimes they know nothing about, while others are victims because of their manners, use of words and so on. Implying composure should be considered.

Also, respect to rules and regulations, and with luggage content. Let read through some below.

1- Joking about Hijacking
Plane hijacking is at all cost a bad one for all crew onboard and the flight company.

Most times, these hijacking ends badly like how it has previously occurred in the past with terrible results. Therefore, if your proudly talking about its fun, that renders you as a crime suspect. This is punishable by jail.

2- Spotted with any form of Weapon.

This action confirms you as a murderer and criminal. It so dangerous and as well an offense you must avoid and never reconsider. Never go to the airport with a knife, gun, dagger or weapon of any sort.

3- Alcoholic Content in Blood or Body System.

It shows you potentially can cause havoc once the flight is set due to abnormality. It also shows you’re a suspect of drug abuse and misconduct. Alcohol in the blood is a sign of irresponsibility and you could sleep in the cell for a few hours.

4- X-ray notification of Strange Object in your Body.

A swollen drug content or metallic surgical bone infused could put you on the cops’ tracklist. So many persons have hidden objects and drugs in their body, it hardly ends well with them.

This is an unhealthy, illegal and sign of transporting banned products.

5- Lateness for Flight

Lateness is due to laziness and none is to be blamed for your flight missed except you. It an Airport offense you should try to avoid.
You will certainly be fined for missing your flight, so funny.

6- Found with Pirated or illegal Books or Food Content.

Piracy is a punishable crime by law, examine your document before traveling with them. This airport offense labels you as a criminal.
It is an offense without consideration because of Copywrite infringement is rampant without user authorized permission.

Marrakech Airport

7- Possession of Hard Drugs.

The illegal exportation or importation of hard drugs is a death warrant by law in so many nations today.
Avoid drug possession and beware of those who might want to put it in your luggage and victimize you. It a dangerous airport offense with your life as a bounty.

8- Having Criminal Trace in your Profile

This is a high profile top airport offense you must avoid. Wanted criminals are always on the run, one quick way of picking them is at airport terminals, so stay crime-free, especially from murder related cases.

9- Suspected of Fake Identity

Terrorists usually own two or more identities as a quick means of canceling their identity and fleeing a crime scene or region.

These offenses will have you locked behind bars and sent to court in some cases.

Adeogun Adewunmi
Adeogun Adewunmi
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