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Honeymoon planning is a very important part of wedding planning. While planning for your wedding, you and your significant other also have to choose a place to spend the first few very romantic days of your marital life. Needless to say, this must be the perfect place. Somewhere that feels like paradise. Mauritius is not called Paradise Island, for no reason. It is a gorgeous Island filled with powdery white sands on ethereal beaches. The incredibly dreamy locations to visit in Mauritius make it the must-visit destination for newlyweds.

Comoros Island

At Mauritius, you would get a chance to explore the Island and go on adventures together, enjoying yourselves and having ample opportunities to share a private time. There are several unspoiled beaches, crystal blue lagoons and beautiful landscapes that make Mauritius more than just a tropical beauty. You can revel in the beauty of the Island during your honeymoon while enjoying their world-renowned water sports, chic bars, crocodile park, restaurants, and clubs.

There would be so many activities for you and your significant other to do together, whether it’s taking a romantic walk in the gardens or spending the day chatting and relaxing in a spa, Mauritius offers you a variety of exciting choices.

The Island has very hot summers. During this time, temperatures could go as high as a scorching 30 degrees. However, winters in Mauritius are much better in terms of the weather. In winter, the temperature cools down a little, enough to allow tourists to have a nice time in the country during the months from December to March. This article suggests some amazing activities that honeymooners can indulge in while visiting Mauritius.

  1. Hanging out at beautiful beaches

Your time in Mauritius would not be complete until you have taken your significant other on a walk through many of the country’s beautiful beaches. Some of the finest beaches include Pereybere, Belle Mare, and Blue Bay and Grand Bay. You can hang out at the beach while the sun is out during the day, or you can wait until night to go for a mid-night candle-lit date on one of the infinite white beaches.

  1. Go Shopping

Shopping for personal items is one sure activity to embark on, during your honeymoon. Go shopping with your soul mate and you would find that the exotic island is filled with quality products sold at amazing prices. A few very cool points to shop at are Goodlands, Quatre Bornes and Grand Baie Bazar. You can also check out the rest of the other amazing stores on the Island, at least check out as many stores as you can.  Take advantage of the trip and purchase some seductive dresses, try them out and have your significant other, rate them before you pay for the purchase. You can dress up in these cool outfits for the rest of your stay in the country just to add some spice to your honeymoon. You can also get souvenirs for the people at home. A Mauritius honeymoon would not be complete without some shopping.

  1. Enjoy some Fine Dining

There are a couple of places where you can enjoy a quiet romantic dinner with your significant other. For instance, the Oberoi resort lets you enjoy a cool dinner for two surrounded by the most amazing ambience. You can find so many dishes on the menu. These include Chinese, African, Creole, and Indian dishes. Other luxurious Mauritius hotels can provide an in-house setting where you can sit and eat with just your significant others.

Asides fine dining, you can also try some local delicacies from the street vendors. Foods to try from street vendors include dholl puri topped with hot chilli paste.

  1. Pamper Yourself at the Mauritian Spas

A spa treatment is another important must-do at your Mauritian honeymoon. Lying down side by side your significant other, getting a spa treatment is something you should try, especially if you are visiting during the hot months. A 2-3 hour spa treatment would set the mood for your Mauritian honeymoon nights.

  1. Visit the Pamplemousses Botanical Garden

The Pamplemousses Botanical Garden is located at the southern part of the island and it’s one of the oldest botanical gardens in the country. The picturesque landscape is the best place to take a cool timeless picture on your honeymoon. Something you’ll be proud to show your kids. When at the garden, discover the variations in species that come in over 85 variations of palm trees and other flora. There are also fish ponds worth seeing in the garden.

  1. Go Skydiving

If you and your significant other do not mind an adrenaline rush, then skydiving is the best way to get one in Mauritius. This is also one major way to bond with your partner. Going skydiving is an experience you would never forget and one you would love to tell your future kids and grandkids. A trial will convince you.

  1. Have an Underwater wedding

Yes, you have already had a wedding but who’s counting. An underwater wedding would be more romantic and thrilling than any wedding ceremony you’ve ever had in the past, and it wouldn’t cost anything close to your real wedding, so why not give it a shot. Let the fishes and coral reefs, be an additional witness to your beautiful vows. You wouldn’t regret it.

  1. Take a Dip in the Chamarel Waterfall Natural Pool

This pool is just a few meters above the ground level and provides some of the most transcendent views that are pretty unforgettable. The waterfall is burrowed among the lush green foliage and thick forests, making the entire experience all the more enchanted. It is one of the most exciting things to do in Mauritius for your honeymoon. Take your Significant other along with you to take a dip in the water. On hot days you can opt to have a long bath in the cool waters of this waterfall. Even if you are afraid of water, you can hang out around the shallow pool with your partner and play with the lush forests. This is an experience you are going to remember.

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