5 New Air Travel Tips You Must Know Before Your Next Travel

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5 New Air Travel Tips You Must Know Before Your Next Travel

Air Travel Tips are essential to have memorable travel experience. Unfortunately, Nigerian travelers rarely give heed to them.

Whether you’re late on your flight or had to join long TSA lines, or pick up checked luggage, there’s a handful of challenges you’ll face during travel.

There’s this assumption that travel tips are unnecessary especially for Air travel. “Is it not just to book a flight, check-in at the right time and head off to my destination?” Some will ask.

Religious inclinations don’t help matters either. You hear some people claim, “it’s only God that grants journey mercies. If we read all the travel tips in the world, they won’t save us.” They recuse themselves from taking charge of their safety.

Nevertheless, to enjoy a hitch-free air trip, you need to learn a few tips. These tips will teach you not only what you should avoid, but also what to do during air travel.

Early Arrival Is Key
Does this sound like a cliché? Well, it’s necessary to start with the obvious.

While you may want to disregard this point, understand it may sabotage your entire travel.
We often get stories of how some travelers run late to the airport. Some even miss their flight. Either the Uber driver was stuck in traffic or something else came up – the stories that touch!

Early arrival is one major air travel tip you can’t neglect. Simple things like waking up early enough and booking your ride to the airport early help.

When you arrive earlier, say 2 hours before checking, you have enough time to relax and prepare yourself for whatever situation that may spring up a the airport.

Ensure You Charge Your Phones, Other Devices
Also, a very obvious fact, right? But there again, exempting it may prove too big a blunder that can wreck your travel joy.

Devices such as laptops, phones, cameras, etc. are essential to giving you great travel experience. You will eventually need them unless you prepare to sleep or chat with someone all through your 4, 5, 6, 7-hour flight – and this will require finding an equally gifted talker.

You may need to capture the glowing sky with your camera or pass time with movies, especially on a long flight. It is equally possible you find someone you will exchange contact details with, and having a phone handy sure helps.

Aside from keeping yourself busy or catching fun, these gadgets will help you fight boredom and fright, especially if you have a phobia for air or height. It cuts off these frightening thoughts off your mind off and gets it busy.

If necessary, consider taking a power-bank mostly for overseas travel.

Try Online Check-In
Rather than standing in exhausting queues, why not check-in online?

You sure know how exhausting it is to check-in at the teller in Nigerian Airports. And more pathetic during rush hours. Sometimes, you will have to queue until your legs can’t carry your body.

Good thing, there is a way out. Online check-in will save you much of the headache. Even a luggage drop-off section is available for passengers who check-in online. Just when you arrive at the airport, you can proceed to drop off your luggage.

Pack Light
It’s funny seeing the kind of loads most Nigerian travelers arrive at the airport with. One gets to wonder if they have 5 more co-travelers on the journey with them. Even vacationers who don’t intend to spend more than 3 months pack as if they’d never return.

You don’t need to take the whole world with you on a travel of even 3 months duration. If you’re going just on vacation or business, get the necessary items, and that’s it. Many hotels offer some of the things you labor yourself with. Conditioners, soaps, toothpaste, tubes, etc. are offered in most hotels or accommodation you’ll hire.

Use the Layovers
It’s health-wise to exercise your body shortly before your flight takes off.

Layovers provide you the ample opportunity to take a walk, stroll, look around – just exercise. Before the first stop, you may be sitting for over 2 hours. You need a layover to cancel the effects of those idle hours on your body.

It’s important you confirm the take-off time of your flight before you take a walk. Though the monitors mounted at the airports will help you keep tabs with the take-off time.

Good thing, there’re airports with indoor art display rooms, gardens, movie theaters, massage chairs. Ask questions to check what attraction the airport has or what you can get within the few moments available.

Apparently, few Nigerian travelers know about this – a reason most don’t do it.

Have an Immune Supplement
No doubt, traveling especially by air exposes us to lots of health dangers.

You’ll share air with hundreds of co-travelers who probably shared air with 100+ people before getting onboard. Also, you will most likely exchange pleasantries with people including shaking hands, hugging, etc. You don’t know the last thing they touched or the last person they greeted.

More so, you will touch items or luggage dozens of people had touched. It’s common to come in contact with items like seatbelts, security bins, tray tables, door handles, etc. You don’t have an idea of the number of germs that settle in their hands.

An immune supplement will help you fight off these germs almost in the first contact.

However, you shouldn’t have the mindset that everything you touch is riddled with germs. But prevention, they say, is better than cure. Take precautions so that regrets that surface.

Wear Something Appropriate
Dresses suit specific kinds of weather and locations.

Plane temperature is flexible. While it could be very cold at some point, other times it could be very stuffy and hot. You need to prepare for any of the conditions.

Put on something that you will be comfortable in. Most importantly, dress with the hot weather in mind. You may loosen up a little. Also, keep your jacket or sweater handy. When the cold becomes unbearable you’ll eventually need it.


Air travel tips basically help us enjoy our air trips and have a memorable experience.

Adeogun Adewunmi
Adeogun Adewunmi
passionate about travel and all dots surrounding the planning and implementing a great experience.

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