5 Best Practices To Get Over Travel Sickness

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5 Best Practices To Get Over Travel Sickness

Motion Sickness/travel agency/lagos island

Have you ever had reasons to throw up in between a road trip or even experience dizziness amid an air trip? Yes, what you‘ve just experienced is travel sickness otherwise called motion sickness.

Travel sickness might just be new to you but then it is real and it happens to people. Travel sickness is one awkward moment for travelers and it is generally aroused by the vehicular movement of any sort. It is that sickness that researchers said first causes disturbance in the inner ear and later result in nausea, dizziness, vomiting, etc.

Motion Sickness/travel agency/lagos island
It is an unintentional discomfort that accompanies travel. Researchers explained that motion is detected by the brain through different pathways of the nervous system which includes the eyes, the inner ear, and the tissues of the body surface. This further explains that when the body is moved intentionally, for example, while walking, the response from all of the pathways is coordinated by our brain.

Medical news today explains that the symptom of travel sickness appears when the central nervous system receives conflicting messages from the sensory systems: the inner ear, eyes, skin pressure receptors, and the muscle and joint sensory receptors. For example, if someone is sat on a boat or in a car (not looking out of a window), their inner ears sense movement up and down, left and right, but their eyes see a static view as if they are not moving at all. It is hypothesized that the conflict among the inputs is responsible for motion sickness.

Before we look at the possible solution to travel sickness, one constant remedy to it has always been the motion coming to a halt. It is confirmed that when motion stops the distress experienced comes to an end as well. Just as you know that this is not your usual medical blog, we will be looking at possible solutions to travel sickness.

1. Be careful what you eat before departure. Eating oily and greasy food before embarking on a trip can also be disturbing. When you consume food like this and motion toss you to and fro there is a possibility of you vomiting or having stomach upset.

2. Sleeping. With the help of your sleep mask, sleeping becomes easy and it brings a total calm to any possible nervous discomfort. Sleep helps to bring to rest conflict between your eyes and ears. As a matter of fact, it is another easy way to remain refreshed until you alight at your destination.

3. Get fresh air. Fresh has been proven to help avert quite good numbers of the travel sickness you can think of. It generally helps to avert bad smells but also help bring calmness to your bodily system.

4. Try ginger candy. It has been reportedly said that hard Ginger candy helps avert nausea.

5. Chewing gum. By chewing gum, an uncanny effect is created and this effect reduction or total aversion of motion sickness when one is on the 

motion. While gum chewing seems effective, other things can also be chewed like snacks, etc.
Medications can also be used to stop and avert travel sickness. Other symptoms of travel sickness include; sweating, drooling, pallor, short breath, incessant yawning, uneasiness.

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