20 Things You Must Know As A Nigerian Before Heading To The UAE.

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October 20, 2021
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20 Things You Must Know As A Nigerian Before Heading To The UAE.

1. UAE visa is cheap but the country is expensive and with so much Competition .

2. There is so much bad Image for Nigerian in UAE so you must be willing to do more of good conduct to enable you stand out.

3. UAE is not a country you come to with $100 BTA, the moment you drop from the airplane to the moment you receive your first salary is a whole lot of spending, so be prepared

4. 99% of the Jobs your agent promised you from Nigeria is not true, he may also be on overstay and doesn’t care if you join him/her.

5. Free accomodation is scarce in UAE, dont get angry when your friend or relative refuses to accommodate you, if you Intend to share with them, always agree properly, don’t assume.

6. Your prospective employer has a different culture from you, always calm down to observe.

7. UAE has labour laws, get someone who knows to explain to you, don’t act on information you gather online.

8. If you are a skilled worker, eg mechanic, mason, electrician, tiler etc, it’s easier for you to get a job than he who comes with a master’s degree in philosophy or business admin etc.

9. Always be sure you want a job before you take it , don’t sign a job contract and abandon it mid-way, it may be the beginning of your predicament.

10. For those who get promises of visa and ticket to pay back when you get to UAE, there is a 99% chance that you are been exported for prostitution, in UAE prostitution is a CRIME and doesn’t give you as much money as it does in Europe , so think twice when you get such offers.

11. If your main business is yahoo, no need to come except you have already made it big in Nigeria and you need a good environment where you can invest your money and have a good life.

12. Don’t pay anyone hundreds of thousands of Naira to get a UAE visa with a promise of big job, if you have millions and must come to Dubai, get a one month visa and do a residence permit on arrival if you don’t get a desired job.

13. Those who have a personal residence permit tend to get higher paying jobs than those who come with tourist visas and are on company residence permit.

14. You cannot rob a bank, do cultism etc and go free in UAE, there are cameras everywhere and the boarders are tight.

15. Once your visa expires, you loose all your legality and begin to pay overstay fines, avoid it if you can.

16. Shouting, fighting, protesting, illegal gathering, unauthorised photography, cultism are all prohibited in UAE, it will get you into trouble.

17. Not all businesses in UAE are doing well, some Pakistanis, Indians, Filipinos, Arabs etc you call Arbab/ sponsors are also struggling, they set up a company and employ you, they can mess up your stay if they can’t proceed with your residence permit.

18. When a company employs you, size them up, evaluate their operations and check well if they are capable of paying salaries and issuing a residence permit, let me explain further; a new coffee shop in Umm Al Quain that employs 6 of you at same time and does not have enough customers may disappoint you, use your brain to avoid crying at last.

19. Starting a business for Nigerians is not as difficult as you hear, that’s if you have the money, seek information.

20. UAE is not easy, guys work hard here, really hard

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