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Everyone likes cheap travel.

Unfortunately, travels task our wallets so much. If you’d traveled overseas, you’d fully understand. There is just so much you want to enjoy. But your wallet keeps warning you each time you make a move.

Not to worry, a few tricks can help you work around it. Sure, you can still enjoy cheap trips. And these 13 tips can best help you travel cheap!

Research about Your Travel Destination
It’s popular knowledge that people spend more when they visit a place for the first time. This is even worse when you have no prior knowledge about your destination.

Simple research about your place of travel helps immensely. Not just to plan your itinerary but also to save cost.

Ideally, you could compare the cost of the local transport system and choose the cheapest. You could check good hotels at cheap rates. How about where to buy cheap things etc. There’s just so much to research about.

Draw a Budget for Your Travel
You need to create a budgetary template that should guide you. Here, you give a price tag on each item on your itinerary list.
More importantly, ensure you stick to your budget. You certainly will have so many attractions and distractions. Don’t spend outside your budget.

Off-Seasons are Great for Cheap Travel
Off-season saves you the cost during rush seasons. Not too many people travel at this time. So, you get a chance to find a cheap flight and hotel bookings.

This period usually falls around January, March, September, and October. This doesn’t take anything away from enjoying your trip.

Consider Cheap flights, Book in Advance
It’s wisdom and prudence to compare the cost of air tickets before booking.

Understandably, airlines don’t offer the same price. Granted, it is good you choose a good one. But you should choose a good one with lower rates.

More so, you should consider booking far ahead. It is common knowledge that the prices of flights skyrocket during the festive periods or rush hours. There is no wisdom in waiting until that time. If you have the money, book in advance.

Good a thing, a lot of airlines in Nigeria offer discounts on bookings. So, 3-5 months booking isn’t a bad idea to enjoy cheap travel.

Consider Specific Days Best for Cheap Travel
Sundays, Wednesdays, and Fridays are better days to catch cheap flights for foreign trips.

Domestic flights have their off days on Sundays and Saturdays. And the afternoon period is the best odd moment.

More so, consider a little more layover; the stops and your seat position. All this has an impact on the flight rate.

Consider Working while on Travel
Absolutely yes! You can do a few jobs to earn while on a trip overseas. While freelancing is a more common job for tourists, other options abound.

You can take up coaching or teaching jobs, for instance, language coaching. Though it’s illegal to work with a tourist visa in some countries. Still, there are many other earning opportunities to exploit. At best, research on available jobs for tourists in your travel destination.

Buy Necessities from Home
It’s wisdom you get some of the things you’d need in Nigeria especially if you’re going on a long trip. Even toothpaste costs three times as much in European than it costs in Nigeria.

So, check through your list of necessities and get them from Nigeria to save costs.

Checkout for Free Offers, Discounts
Just a little search will reveal lots of free stuff you can enjoy in your travel destination. So, you don’t waste so much on your itinerary.

Some museums give a discount to visitors or tourists on the first visit. Some community attractions and restaurants also do. Aside from the internet articles. A good source of information is the community calendar. If you really want to enjoy chea travel, this shouldn’t be a hard thing to do.

Consider Cooking Little Meals
Surprisingly, some people aren’t cool with cooking abroad. You hardly can tell how much you can save when you make simple meals like making teas for breakfast yourself.

Book a lodge with a kitchen or even a microwave and fridge. These things can save you the pricy meals of hotels or the room service. Even if you have to buy a meal outside, you can reheat the leftover.

Guide Your Appetite
To enjoy cheap travel, you need prudence in your spending. You’ll be exposed to loads of eye-catching treats, cuisines, and attractions. Hold your appetite by sticking to your budget.

There’s so much to do in big cities like Canada, Australia, Spain, the US, etc. However, your budget size determines what and what not to buy or do.

Consider buying from the Farmer’s Market
This market is a good place to shop at a cheaper rate. You can have a taste of the local meals or items without here.

Another good idea is to buy fresh food and prepare the meals yourself if your accommodation has a kitchen. It is far less expensive this way than visiting the restaurant.

Get Accommodation Outside the City
Save up by finding a cool place to stay outside the city. Cities are, of course, expensive to live in anywhere in the world.

Resist the urge to staying in the city just to show off. There are lots of cool places outside the city you can get at a very cheaper rate. You can always go to the city for whatever purpose and when you want.

Find Cards for Tourists
Good a thing, several places in specially developed countries offer tourism cards to tourists. These cards offer so many things including discounts on shopping, accommodation, etc.

Interestingly, you can access the best attractions, use free public transport, guidebooks, etc. with the card. Check which your travel destination offers.

It’s very possible to travel cheap. If you can implement these tricks, you can save yourself, the huge costs of travel, especially international trips.

At DSTL, we always tell travelers to prioritize creating a budget and research. In our eight years of offering travel, flight and visa solutions to Nigerians, we’ve discovered most travelers have unfulfilled travel experiences. Mostly because they failed to heed to these simple things that matter most.

Adeogun Adewunmi
Adeogun Adewunmi
passionate about travel and all dots surrounding the planning and implementing a great experience.

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