10 Cheap Countries To Live Abroad For Nigerians

December 30, 2019
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August 16, 2021

10 Cheap Countries To Live Abroad For Nigerians

Are you looking for a “change of scenery” and want to know cheap countries to live abroad? If money is one of your first concerns or excuses that stop you from moving to another country, through this article you will know 10 economically accessible destinations in which you can live without having to leave your bank account to zero month after month. Ideal destinations to work remotely.

In addition, if you are a digital nomad, you work remotely or you are an entrepreneur with the possibility of teleworking from anywhere in the world, you are lucky that most of the cheap countries to live abroad that you will find in this list are compatible with this lifestyle based on working from the computer without ties to any geographic location.

Are you ready to start your adventure?

So you better go preparing your suitcase, the map, and a calculator, that today we will take into account what your next place of residence could be, starting with …


This Southeast Asian destination has the honor of heading this list of cheap countries to live abroad, while at the same time, it is generally considered the cheapest country in the world, proving not only a destination that attracts people thanks to its landscapes and gastronomy but also for its affordable cost of living.

As an example, renting a good flat in Vietnam, including cleaning and laundry services, can cost between €200 and €600 per month, depending on the location and main features.

In addition, the accessible cost of transport and basic food basket, the facilities to set up a business, and its public health system, stand out above other countries, not only in Southeast Asia but also in the world.

Bulgaria is one of those few European countries were renting a one-bedroom apartment can cost less than €300 a month, a meal in an affordable restaurant will cost around €5, and a trip on public transport can cost as little as €1.

This is how Bulgaria enters the list of cheapest countries to live within the European continent, in addition to being a destination that still has much to explore.

“Nice and dear”, these are the qualities with which Mexico is popularly defined, however, on this occasion we also add “cheap” as a third qualifying adjective, since it is one of the countries with more accessible prices when we locate ourselves on the Latin American map.

In this country, in addition to accessing a never-before-seen range of cultural wealth, you will also be lucky enough to live with rents of approximately $200 per month, extensive cuisine, and affordable food (starting at just $1), and monthly passes to use. public transport with a friendly cost.

The key to this is to skip the places where most of the tourism is concentrated and choose to live in more local areas such as Mérida or Guanajuato since living costs can be lowered to a fraction of what would result in other cities.

South Africa
According to various sources, it is possible that the cheapest English-speaking country in the world is nothing more and nothing less than South Africa, a destination that we can also see in the list of preferred destinations for digital nomads.

That’s how it is! In addition to the natural and cultural diversity that is breathed when stepping on this country, it is also possible to have an accessible cost of living, where it is possible to live under rents of only $350 per month, eat at low prices and enjoy a well-paid job, especially as an English teacher or specialist in tourism areas.
For many, it will be obvious, but it is the reality: a list of cheap countries to live abroad is not complete without the appearance of Thailand, a country where living costs are cheap even in its main cities, Bangkok and Chiang Ma.

Even though the most touristy areas raise their prices seasonally, it is still a pocket-friendly destination compared to other attractive countries on a tourist level. So if you fantasize about changing the scene in this country, but you are very concerned about expenses, keep in mind that if you are a single person, in Thailand it is possible to live on $700 a month, since for example, food is accessible, Rent can be as low as $150 per month for a flat of your own in a western-style complex, and a trip on a public bus starts as low as 30 cents.

Thailand is one of the favorite destinations for people passionate about working abroad, here you can find out about the employment options that you can access more easily without coming from another country with this guide of the 10 possible jobs for foreigners in Thailand.

On the west coast of South America, with a population of approximately 31 million inhabitants, is Peru, a destination that many will easily recognize for historically and culturally popular sites such as Machu Picchu, but which nevertheless, in addition to offering one of the 7 new wonders of the world, it also has an affordable cost of living for everyone who wants to live abroad.

In general, the characteristic that most positions this country on the list of cheap countries to live in is the possibility of paying for a rental of a good apartment in its capital, Lima, with $400 a month or even less, in addition to covering another type of usual expenses for less than that amount throughout a month, that is, it is totally possible to live in very good conditions in Peru for less than $ 900 per month.

Georgia, despite being a country that tends to go unnoticed by many tourists and immigrants who pass through Europe, is also a surprise to those who do dare to start a new life in this Eastern European destination, especially because of its cheapness. that it may turn out to live in this nation.

The reality is that Georgia is a country where expenses for rent, transportation, utilities, internet access, and food (both in restaurants and supermarkets) are fortunate to stay within stable price ranges that will make you live in peace in a destination. with many possibilities to offer, especially for entrepreneurs, freelancers, and digital nomads.

In all the lists of cheap countries to live abroad, it is almost impossible to leave out India, a destination that in addition to giving a twist to your lifestyle due to the multi-joint experiences it provides, can be very friendly with your pocket, where monthly living costs to support one person are around a mere $600.

One of the greatest advantages of India, which makes it one of the cheapest destinations in the world, is its ability to obtain locally sourced materials to produce most goods, avoiding dealing with the high cost of imports, tariffs, and other expenses related to outsourcing many of your products.

If you dream of living in this destination and you are also an entrepreneur, digital nomad or you dedicate yourself to working in a freelance modality, in addition to being a country with an accessible cost of living, your city is one of the preferred destinations for those who want to work around the world.

Tunisia, a country in North Africa that borders the Mediterranean Sea and the Sahara Desert, has gradually escalated to become a popular destination among international tourists, especially due to its views of dreamy coasts and the historical monuments of the country.

However, when we put the magnifying glass on the cost of living in this country, we also get a surprise: being a country where the monthly income of the population remains very low, it is also possible to access rents, basic food basket, services public, internet, clothing, footwear, fuel, transport, and leisure activities spending much less than in world standards.

Time to go back to Europe, as Poland is also on the list of cheap countries to live abroad.

In case you are interested in exploring this nation from the eyes of a local and living in Poland temporarily or permanently, cities like Warsaw and Krakow are quite modern and cover all the basic needs for a more affordable price than you would find in neighboring countries. such as Germany.

With rents around $350 and access to the basic food basket for very decent prices, Poland is today, it is another of the destinations that expatriates, especially Europeans, consider as a viable option.

Conclusions about cheap countries to live abroad
It’s your turn to decide! Which of the 10 cheap countries to live abroad that appear on this list captivates your attention the most? Have you dreamed of living in one before? Which one best fits your budget? You can answer all these questions in the comments, so we are waiting for you, we will help you get there.


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